Rapid Fire Rules

Rapid Fire Division rules/expectations

These procedures are to be followed at all Tournaments Fall of 2020

The division may be entered by an individual or a team of two.

The debate is to be treated as a pre-policy debate like crossfire.  There are no policy requirements even if the resolution is phrased as a policy resolution.  All debates should focus on if the resolution is true or false and should be judged using that same standard.

Debaters may quote research to support their claims or use common knowledge/reasoning to support their claims.  Quoted material should not carry more weight than in an argument using common knowledge/reasoning because it is quoted.

The debate should begin 20:00 after the debaters receive the topic.

There is 2:00 total time of in round preparation time that can be used before a team’s speech.

The format will be as follows:

1st Affirmative: 4:00

1st Negative: 4:00

Crossfire shared by the first 2 speakers: 3:00

2nd Affirmative: 4:00

2nd Negative: 4:00

Crossfire shared by the second 2 speakers: 3:00

1st Affirmative Summary: 1:00

1st Negative Summary: 1:00

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